Green Switzerland

Photo Credit: Cory Shaw |

Switzerland has enlightened me. The Swiss really have their green thing going on, and there’s a few things that have me scratching my head thinking “why the hell doesn’t the US adopt this stuff?” Are we too proud to admit that another country has done something better? It’s time to swallow our pride and adopt a few of these things that the Swiss do so well:

  1. Toilets that have two flush buttons

    Switzerland Toilets One small button for #1 that emits just enough water to flush’er down, another larger button that takes the kids to the water park. I can only imagine how much water this saves throughout the country!

  2. Escalators that only run when there’s people on them

    Switzerland Esclators Photo Credit: Andrea Allen At first i thought they were broken, but as you approach them they turn on automatically. Makes sense.

  3. Fixed temperature water faucets

    Switzerland Faucets These water faucets let you fix the temperature so that its always the same when you turn it on by pulling the lever out. Brilliant.

  4. Green Transportation

    Electric Bus The swiss railway system can take you pretty much anywhere you need to go, and once you get there you’ll see lots of energy efficient small cars, electric buses, and lots of people walking to their destination.

  5. Organic (“Bio”) locally produced foods

    Most of the produce in the stores is organic. When something is not local, they tell you where it came from.

  6. No plastic or paper bags in grocery stores

    Everyone brings their own reusable bags. You don’t even have the option for paper or plastic. This should be a law in the U.S.

With the U.S. consuming 25% of the worlds energy, and being the world’s largest single emitter of carbon dioxide, you’d think we’d be looking into what other countries are doing right to consume so little.

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